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Its been ten solid years since I placed the plough on the ground. Actually, it started much earlier than that, but in an informal setting. Just gathering teens together, sharing and listening to their rantings, thoughts and sometime annoying complaints. But the much more formal setting started with the registration of Mindful of Youths Initiative (MOYI) as a legal entity in 2010
I never really thought of walking this path. True, I have loved to reach out to people generally, I think it’s a virtue I got from my parents, but something drew me closer to teenagers and young people, and in no time I found myself offering advise on a broad range of issues career choices, respect, discipline, daily planning, cleanliness, the christian faith, and believe it or not, even before I ever walked down the aisle, I was giving parenting and relationship advice.
Its been ten long years of affecting many lives and I cherish every one of those lives as if they were mine. I have found out in the course of this journey that it is the greatest and most valuable investment you can ever make. This short piece aims to do just two things. To appreciate the partners God has used to drive this mandate and to celebrate the lives MOYI has touched thus far.
A very dear family friend and spiritual coach once told me that when God calls you to a task, he will equip. When I set out on this journey, it was not really clear, but the push and invaluable support received from God Almighty using a team of unending friends, family and I dare say strangers, even now, still leaves me in a hush awe. (my two favourite words). I will not even attempt to mention their names. To do so, for many, will betray their humble request for anonymity. As you read this, I want you to know that for every gift in kind or in cash, that you have sown in MOYI, it will forever light up before the throne of God as a living memorial.
To every soul that has passed through MOYI this last ten years, and that includes the parents who graciously and faithfully yielded their children into the hands of MOYI, and for going on, to make the sacrifice and investment a worthwhile one, we thank you and only ask of you one thing and one thing only: “Go and do likewise”
As we journey through another 10 years, we invite you to once again share in the mandate of this initiative and bring others along on this journey, to please join hands with us to give our young people a hopeful future.
God bless You.
Tunde Onakoya Esq.
Chief Coordinating Officer (CCO) 
Mindful of Youth Initiative
Apr 14, 2020 00:00 - Apr 14, 2020 23:59

Lagos, Nigeria.

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